How to Have Picture Perfect Wedding Hair

Aubrey Thoren is a wife, a mother and a stylist for Swept Up Big Day Hair Artist and she love weddings.  She loves being able to create something that is unique, romantic, beautiful and completely YOU! She is also an amazing hair stylist at Foiled Again Salon in Minneapolis. You can reach her by email at

The Perfect Hair Style Starts with You

What I love encouraging brides with for their wedding day hair is for it to be YOU. When thinking about that special hair style for your big day take into consideration your dress, accessories and style and feel that you want your wedding to have. Pair that with the look and feel for your hair. Let that style inspire and help create your hair so that it doesn't take away or distract from your gown, necklace or what-have-you but accentuate and flow with your complete look.

Clean vs. Dirty Hair

For the morning of many people are concerned with dirty vs. clean hair.  My two cents: do what makes you comfortable.

The Squeaky Clean Look

If your second guessing having day old hair on your wedding day for the sake of your updo — don't think twice, get squeaky clean if that will make you feel best! There are a million products out there that I can use to give your hair wedding day hold. :)

Combatting Dry Hair

If you're like me and have hair that is a little on the dry side and prefers day old hair, pin it up when you hop in the shower and refresh your locks with dry shampoo or lavender spritz.

Ultimately dream big and love your hair on your wedding day, let it be a beautiful statement of who you are! Feel free to reach out for any inquiries or questions. I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at