Oakley Rembrandt Plays in the Snow


Having a dog provides endless hours of entertainment.  We haven't had a chance to go play outside with Oakley much this year, but today, the power went out at my office and I got to leave early.  I took the opportunity to get out and play in the snow with my rambunctious puppy dog! Check out the pictures of pure puppy joy!

Our Wedding {Get Dressed!}

I finally accomplished something wonderful... after six months of being married, I ordered prints from our wedding (TGB Photography)! In the process of looking through all the photos, I realized I've never shared any of them here on the blog.

After being a wedding photographer for several years, I gathered a rather large collection of ideas, things to avoid and must-haves for my wedding. So when I started planning, I just hit the ground running. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to keep our day original, and I wanted it to feel like us.

So this is the first in a series of posts showing off some of the fun details from our wedding this past June! I hope you enjoy! I'd love to hear your questions, comments and feedback.


Ella Bridal - Dolce Satin Gown with Lace

Purchased from Luxe Bridal, Minneapolis, MN - I had such a fabulous experience at Luxe, they specialize in curvy brides and really went the extra mile to make me feel special.


I knew from the begining that I wanted a statement necklace. White has never been one of my favorite colors. I wanted to incorporate other colors without getting too crazy, but I still wanted to feel like a bride. So I handmade this necklace with pieces from JoAnn Fabrics. It was a fun project that I finished easily in one afternoon.


I have always loved the look of the birdcage veil, it adds a classic and vintage flair that I just could not pass up! Again I struggled to find exactly what I was looking for. Everything in the bridal industry is white, white and more white, so I purchased some russian netting fabric online and a few flowers and went to work! I was really nervous about making my own veil, but it cost less than $12 to make. My hairstylist, Aubrey, really made everything come together!


My wedding hair was done by the ever-so-fabulous Aubrey from Swept-Up Big Day Hair Artistry. From start to finish Aubrey was amazing to work with. She is easy going, incredibly talented and exactly the kind of person that can be trusted on such a big day! If you are looking for a hair stylist, I strongly recommend her!

This handsome man is my husband Pat. You can just look at his handsomeness in this picture and I will talk all about the details of his outfit after the next pictures! :)


So my husband is a Mountain Dew fanatic. He drinks more Mountain Dew than I even care to admit. He is also a very goofy and sarcastic person. Somewhere along the way, we came up with the idea to incorporate fun ties. So I designed the "I Dew!" logo! We found the ties for SUPER cheap, and we were able to buy the ties and get them screen printed from the Arthouse for less than the cost of a normal tie! It was such a fun and memorable part of our day and truely represented my husband to the T!

Stay tuned for more posts about the other aspects of our day! I'll try to post them before our one year anniversary!

Cyndi Lauper {Concert}

I am spending the week in Boston for Hubspot's Inbound 2012 Marketing Conference. It's been a great opportunity to connect with other marketers and learn from industry experts, but tonight was Inbound Rocks, a concert featuring Cyndi Lauper and I could not resist this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take some pictures!