Minneapolis Skyline: 8 Scenic Places to Capture Photos and Videos

Whether you’re looking for a great backdrop for a video interview, some b-roll footage or just a beautiful still shot of the city buildings, these scenic spots are perfect for capturing the iconic Minneapolis skyline.

1. 35W and 24th Street Bridge 

We’ve all seen the incredible view Minneapolis has to offer while sitting in traffic on 35W. Pull off on Franklin Avenue and walk over to the 24th street bridge. Overlooking 35W, when it comes to shooting the skyline - this is the money shot. Although it’s tough taping through the walkway fence, if you have a tripod you can get a beautiful shot. Keep the camera rolling on the tripod for 15 minutes and speed it up while editing. You’ll get a nice time-lapse shot of traffic coming in and out of the city.

NOTE: This bridge was torn down in 2018, they are currently building some new bridges, so stay tuned for good spots in this area.


2. Walker Art Center / Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

This urban art gallery is the iconic home of the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture. This outdoor garden offers views of the skyline as well as a beautiful view of the Basilica. Don't forget to check out the Loring Greenway walking bridge to get another angle of the city buildings.

3. Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge has a great view of Minneapolis from the North side. Overlooking the Mississippi River, you can get some great shots both on top of the bridge and below it. While there are pathways under the bridge, don’t risk ruining your camera gear to get the perfect shot.

Photo by  Nicole Harrington  on  Unsplash

4. Lake Calhoun

If you are looking to combine a great skyline view with the iconic lake view scene, then Lake Calhoun is the place to go. This beautiful spot in the heart of Minneapolis is a hometown favorite. During the summer, this lake is home to tons of sailboats which makes for some beautiful imagery.

5. Boom Island Park

Located right on the Mississippi Riverfront, this park features lots of a wide open space and a miniature lighthouse. 

6. Ridgeway Parkway Park

Just a little jaunt north of downtown Minneapolis, this part features a beautiful view of the complete city skyline. This location is perfect for silhouettes at dusk.

7. Target Field

Combine your love of baseball with a perfect view of the Minneapolis Skyline. This stunning park was built to showcase the existing urban beauty of the city, but the best views are from the stands on the third base line.


8. Guthrie Theater's Amber Room

The Guthrie Theater features several stunning views of the city, but the best place to get some photos of the Minneapolis skyline is from the Amber Room. This artsy lookout features yellow-tinted windows that give a 360-degree view of the city.

Tips for Shooting Skylines:

Whether you’re shooting for still photography or video, make sure you bring a tripod. The last thing you want is to drive to these locations only to get back and realize your video was shaky. If you’re planning on capturing a time-lapse, a tripod is a must.

If you want a really creative shot, make sure to visit the location during different times of the day to get a really unique and interesting shot. 

Have a location suggestion that we missed? Comment below to let us know!